Club Championships

The 2o23 Championships will shortly get underway, all participants need to be available for the finals which will be held on the last night of the club – Thursday May 18th.

There will be no ladies Singles B this year.

Due to the limited number of female entries, there will be only a small number of mixed teams. The Championship committee randomly selected the male players through those that registered an interest in this competition.

During the playoff rounds play will consist of 1 game to 30 points.

Most competitions are based on the knockout format. The mixed teams will follow a round robin format in two groups. The team that scores the highest from each group will go through to the finals.

The playoff sheets will be posted in the club, one or two courts will be used to facilitate the play offs during the club nights remaining in April up until May 18th.

Please follow this link to view the competition details, teams and playoffs.